Kent Car Craft Servicing

The new block exemption rules mean you no longer have to use a main dealer to service your vehicle whilst under the Vehicle Assemblers Warranty. Many people still think that they have to use a main dealer to service their car in order to validate the warranty in the first few years; however, in 2003 `Block exemption regulations 1400/2002` came into force making it illegal for dealers to use this restrictive practice.  

Motorists can use any garage of their choice to service their car without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty. The only stipulations are that the service is in accordance with the vehicle Assemblers servicing schedules and is recorded. The parts used must be of equal quality (or better) to the component used for the assembly of the vehicle. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts meet these standards, not just parts obtained from the dealer.

Servicing and maintaining your vehicle at Kent Car Craft will not affect your manufacturer’s warranty and will save you money.

We know that you are looking for the same quality of service that you would expect from a Dealership. But we also know that you don’t want to pay Main Dealer prices, which are usually extortionate. We only use the highest quality parts and provide a comprehensive service check list. At Kent Car Craft we pride ourselves on our quality of our servicing.

There are many reasons to keep your car maintained / serviced. Neglect is the main reason for costly engine rebuilds across the UK; a full engine rebuild commonly costs upwards of £1500. All modern vehicles have specific service schedules and requirements set by the manufacturer in addition to timing belt, brake fluid and filter replacement. We follow the requirements set by the manufacturer, so as to make sure your vehicle is reliable and safe. We can also complete your online service record in addition to any hard copy service books.